Plasmapheresis in a wide range of diseases

Many human diseases are accompanied by disturbances of structure of the internal environment which define the severity of a clinical course in many aspects and even may become principal reasons of failure, despite the usage of advanced modern medicamentous means or surgical treatment. Such problems arise during sharp inflammatory diseases of thoracic and abdominal cavity organs, serious traumas and burns injuries, poisonings and infectious diseases when the syndrome of endogenous intoxications with suppression of system of immune protection starts to develop. In this situation detoxication both with toxins extraction and other pathology process products allows to achieve crisis in the course of the illness.

  The leading role belongs to plasmapheresis procedure performance, what allows together with endotoxins extraction to remove all incompetent components of humoral immunity. The replacement of the removed plasma volume by donor plasma promotes more effective restoration of protection system together with faster and absolute recovery. The period of patients` stay in medical intensive care units is considerably reduced together with the general treatment length and mortality decreases.

However during the different chronic human illnesses are accompanied by disturbances of structure of its internal environment, frustration of a biochemical and immune condition define the severity and irreversibility of their course. It is possible to remove autoantibodies, allergens, and immune complexes during allergies and autoimmune diseases only with the help of plasmapheresis procedure performance. Introduction of plasmapheresis in the scheme of complex therapy of autoimmune disseminated lung diseases has allowed to achieving more sustained response at 40% of volume reduction of hormonal therapy and full refusal from cytostatics, to double practically life time for this category of patients.

Elimination of products of lipidic exchange disturbance allows to control atherosclerosis course and its complications. Plasmapheresis eliminates serious toxic effects caused by radio- and chemotherapy in oncology. Its high efficiency shown during chronic intoxication, including drug addiction and alcoholism has not only medical, but also the high social significance.
Big perspectives are opened for plasmapheresis during the treatment process of pregnancy toxemia, the Rhesus incompatibility, "hidden" urogenital infections, antiphospholipidic syndrome with recurrent pregnancy loss and reliably help to prevent the disturbances of pre-natal fetation, to reduce the perinatal lethal level, to restore demographic balance.

After viral hepatitis, especially HCV, autoimmune chronic hepatitis is being inevitable formed with next follow–up into nonreversible hepatic cirrhosis and even into primary liver cancer. With the help of plasmapheresis procedure performance it is possible to remove autoantibodies and pathological metabolites with the result of which the progression of liver injury can be suspended. Considering a large quantity of people infected with these viruses of hepatitis, this problem also has a big social importance.

At first sight the diabetes does not carry any serious threat because insulin or tablets help to support sugar level at the supportable level. However, during such treatment it is not possible to prevent the secondary metabolic disturbances and vascular disorders with next irreversible sight loss, vascular occlusions of the low limbs, heart and brain can start. All these disorders reduce general life time. With the help of plasmapheresis it is possible to reduce considerably the potential risk of these secondary diabetes implications.

There is a long list of human diseases in which the efferent therapy can considerably raise the treatment efficiency, and really find more and more wide application in clinical practice.

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