Plasmapheresis in prevention of renal lesions in the elderly

With age increases the risk of renal lesions associated with disorders of biochemical and immune homeostasis.

In particular, the growing number of patients suffering from the metabolic syndrome with disorders of lipid metabolism, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. All this is accompanied by the development of diabetic nephropathy, which is often as severe, requiring hemodialysis. Despite the maintenance of blood sugar levels, thus there is microvascular endothelial damage accumulating substances which are not amenable to drug therapy.

On the other hand, there are vascular disorders associated with atherosclerosis due to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels, including the renal, and also not always amenable to drug therapy. And stent placement or bypass surgery of the coronary vessels can not be used for correction of the renal vessels. Amyloid deposits are common in the intercellular spaces, including the formation of the so-called senile plaques that 60% of older age characteristic feature appears. All this is accompanied by a picture renal amyloidosis also.
With age, growing and autoimmune disorders accompanied by systemic lesions of different organs, including the kidney. Especially for different types of systemic vasculitis affecting the kidneys vessels. Characteristic of old age is the appearance of signs of paraproteinemia with accumulation of monoclonal immunoglobulin M-components resembling now myeloma. Increases the content of cryoglobulins also. All this is largely disturbed microcirculation, including at the level of the glomeruli.With age increases the frequency of hepatitis C virus infection in which there is autoimmune hepatitis, which is often accompanied by renal outcomes.

So more and more clearer picture of disorders of homeostasis, leading to progressive organ disorders. At the same time there is an accumulation of many pathological products, the size of molecules that do not allow them to pass through the kidney, the liver does not destroy them. On the other hand, the fact that their accumulation suggests that no drugs were able to help in their removal from the body. Interrupt these vicious circles interdependent violations can only be timely excretion of pathological products of the body that is able to completely solve only efferent therapy, mainly – plasmapheresis. And the easiest and safest method is membrane plasmapheresis, when blood is filtered through a porous membrane. The size of their pores are about 400 nanometers, which allows detention of all blood cells, and skip all the components of the liquid part of it – plasma.

In conclusion we would like to repeat the well-known truth – many diseases are easier to prevent than to treat their consequences. Therefore, it may be reasonable to preventive courses of plasmapheresis, even in apparently healthy people have reached the age of forty, after which significantly increases the risk of disorders of the internal environment.

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