Premature aging can be prevented

Human life can be divided into periods such as in football –
Halftime - 40 years
Second half - only 20 years old!
And then - "Overtime" that "Supreme Judge" will give it to you, or slash.
And it entirely depends on the person.

If during the first half, much can afford – and drinking, and smoking, and there is how much and what you want, then the age of fortypeople should stop, look back and imagine – how he can live and for how long, and in what condition. And the "win" if he himself is the extra time! Will it be in the future mainstay of the family, children and grandchildren, and to himself, or will only be a burden to them, while in the best case in a wheelchair, or even bedridden.

By this "equator of life" – forty years – in the body has accumulated so much "slag", which he can not remove. This macromolecular toxic products, autoantibodies that kidney do not take off and liver no breaks. And they have 50 years before the allotted deadline Nature driven into the coffin.
So, of course, we must suddenly "sober up", and in the literal sense:

 - stop poisoning himself with alcohol, which has now become almost a surrogate. This keeps the liver – it is the pledge of our health as soon as she is able to destroy the toxic products;
- stop smoking and thus save their vessels passable for blood;
- be more selective in the food - sweet and flour contributes to obesity, diabetes.

But not everything is subject to the body. Already accumulated macromolecular toxic products can not be removed with the help of "the monitor intestinal cleansing", as if they can not filter out and remove the kidney, and intestine, they do not act. They can not be removed by various food additives, which in themselves may not be less toxic.

They can be removed only with the most liquid part of blood – plasma, and a procedure called plasmapheresis ("apheresis" – delete). And such courses of four plasmapheresis procedures should be performed in the future, at least once a year.
And then, and you can "earn" afford it "extra time."
Eternal youth and eternal life - no!

But you can save a productive state, which will preserve and efficiency.
Save and intellect and the ability to feel emotions and Life in all its colors !!!

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