Therapeutic plasmapheresis specialists training

Advances in efferent therapy depend not so much on the type of devices and from an understanding of the need for their use in various fields of medicine. It can even be called philosophy. That is what my book is devoted to the justification of the indications for plasmapheresis ("Efferent therapy. Membrane plasmapheresis", 2010).

Now specialists. This, of course, "piece goods". From whom they can form. Formally, in Russia, it is transfusiologist but ordinary transfusiologist nothing about the practice of medicine. The most well-workinghands andhead – this, is of course, reanimatolog (resustitator). Course should possess such qualities specialist for therapeutic aphetresis so that if necessary to ensure the restoration of all vital functions of man, dying from multiple organ failure, not to get lost in all the course corners of critical states. However, there are necessary knowledges in other fields of medicine – chronic diseases – allergies, autoimmune conditions, chronic intoxications etc. Specialist allergist, a rheumatologist will be good in their fields, and how to be a obstetrics, critical states. Here they will "float".

Of course, it is possible to train specialists for the maternity hospital, but obstetricians should mind his own business and understanding the essence of the problems to put evidence to therapeutic apheresis in time. If in the course of pregnancy in time to remove all pathological products, do not need any medical treatment and intensive care after birth, and the baby will be born on time and healthy!

Here we come to the point. And here, of course, it is need to speak of the person with the fundamental medical education and genuinely interested in their work. He must constantly and further learn - to keep abreast of new trends. Faced with the new for a disease he must put deeply into the depths of its origin and, mainly, to find out what lies at the heart of its chronicity, pathological products which have accumulated in the body and whether they can be removed using plasmapheresis or hemosorption

In general, the organization of such a "center of therapeutic apheresis" can pick up and different doctors, specialists in their own field of medicine, and it can also be a way out. In any case, the therapeutic apheresis should "intervene" in all fields of medicine and even such experts will be required to assist in the treatment of patients with corresponding "narrow" specialties. That is, we must always be helpers in the treatment of patients, "masters" of which remain relevant specialists (neurologists, dermatologists, obstetricians, etc.), not to invade their destination.
But in practical life, the emphasis on the training of specialists who will be directly carried out plasmapheresis, should be placed on nurses. Her responsibilities will include preparation for the procedure, the assembly unit, connection to the patient, perform the procedure and its completion, and then the processing unit, disinfection materials contacted with blood, pre-cleaning and sterilizing them (including clamps, scissors, cups and so on. n.). Complianceinstilledsanitary-epidemiologicalregime.

The doctors tasks. He certainly should know how to build the system, how to perform the procedure and complete it, but his main work – a search for patients, consultation, determine the indications and choice of plasmapheresis, the number of procedures and the intervals between them. Then - recommendations to the patient on further courses of plasmapheresis. During the procedure it should monitor their implementation, included in the work of the appearance of any unforeseen circumstances, complications. Monitorcompliancewiththesanitary-epidemiologicalregime.
Therefore, the training of doctors and nurses has its own characteristics and must also be certified separately, as a special kind of professional activity. 

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